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How to Make the Most of Eyebrow Tattoos

If perfecting your eyebrows dominates a significant proportion of your daily beauty routine, eyebrow tattoos may act as a time and sanity saver. However, as they're a permanent cosmetic solution, they do require some careful thought and consideration. If you're considering eyebrow tattoos, there are a few ways you can get more from them.

Follow your beauty therapist's advice to achieve a natural look

As the old saying goes, "Eyebrows are sisters, not twins". When you strive for overly identical eyebrows, your look becomes too uniform, which means your tattoos won't look natural enough to flatter your face. Prior to starting the tattoo, your beauty therapist will assess which colour, shape and size will delicately enhance your face. Trust them during this process, as they have the knowledge you need to achieve desirable results. All good therapists will engage in open dialogue with you before the procedure, so feel free to ask lots of questions and give your input while finding your way to results that meet your needs.

Engage in eyebrow tattoo aftercare

If you want the ink to sink into your skin and achieve the perfect pigment, steer clear of getting your face wet for about a week. Unfortunately, this may mean accepting a dry shampoo and no-face-wash regime, but this is infinitely better than getting your new eyebrows wet and experiencing poor results. In addition, you may need to add nappy rash ointment to them in small amounts to promote even healing. Your cosmetic specialist will provide advice that suits your individual circumstances.

Choose a therapist with a good reputation and lots of experience

Having a tattoo on your face isn't a process to take lightly. If you're striving for success, you need to choose a therapist with a good reputation and lots of experience. In addition to looking at their profile and inquiring about their qualifications, you should look towards social media sites for reviews. Few approaches will attract a more honest insight into how your therapist operates, so it's well worth searching relevant hashtags. Finally, remember that cheap services are rarely good services. Professionalism usually commands a certain price, and as the results are permanent, you should see your eyebrow tattoos as being a worthwhile investment.

Once the ink settles, you'll have lifelong tattoos that will shorten your morning beauty routine. Although some people need to add a little extra pencil here and there to achieve the look they're happy with, your new eyebrows will simplify your beauty routine like nothing else.