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Crucial Activities for Excellent Post Tummy Tuck Results

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, abdominoplasty is among the most popular. It can be attributed to the procedure's near-immediate results compared to other tummy correcting surgeries. While the success of a tummy tuck procedure depends on several factors, you can adopt specific activities for better results. This post highlights some of them.

Wear Compression Belt

The reason you go for a tummy tuck is to get a flatter, firmer belly and a slimmer waistline. Your doctor will provide a compression belt to help hasten the process. A compression belt is an elasticised band-like belt, which you must wear around your midsection for the duration of the healing process. It provides support and applies even pressure on the treated section, improving the healing process. Additionally, a compression belt eases pain and discomfort, especially during the first few weeks after surgery. If you wear a compression belt diligently, you will see better contouring. Remember, do not buy a compression belt from an online store and expect it to work magic. Only a doctor should provide you with a compression belt because they understand your unique body needs.

Marble Placement

The type of tummy tuck you undergo determines the shape of your navel. Notably, a mini-tummy tuck does not affect the navel's shape. However, if you are scheduled for a full or extended tummy tuck, your navel could become square, oblong, triangular, or vertical. Most patients find the shapes awkward and prefer to hide their new navel shape than show off their waistline. Luckily, marble placement is a new simple procedure that doctors recommend to patients after a tummy tuck. Marble placement might sound weird at first, but it works. It involves placing a round marble inside your navel to encourage the belly button to recover its pre-surgery round shape. All you have to do is place a marble in your navel and leave it there several times a day. Remember, only use marble placement under a doctor's direction and always clean the marble after every session.

Exercise Regularly

Of course, exercising immediately after a tummy tuck procedure is out of the question. You need to wait until your surgeon declares it is safe to exercise. However, it does not mean that exercise does not play a role in how your tummy looks after the procedure. Although tummy tucks are immediate, exercise remains a crucial component to achieving outstanding results. If you ignore physical fitness, your slimmer midsection will bear the brunt. In addition to a healthy diet, keep a strict workout regimen to ensure that your waistline remains tight and slim.

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